Wear & Care

Putting on Compression Socks:
1. Place one hand inside the sock and hold the toe area to turn the sock inside out (Repeat for both socks)
2. Gently roll the sock over the toes towards the ankle
3. Once the foot is covered, ensure the heel is positioned correctly
4. Once in place, gently pull the sock upwards along the calf
5. The cuffing should rest about two finger widths below the knee
6. To maximize the compression and comfort, stretch (up or down) and smooth out any wrinkles or bunching in the fabric

Removing Compression Socks: 
1. Gently roll the sock down the calf with both hands
2. Carefully slide the sock off the foot
3. The removed sock should be inside-out when finished


Washing & Storage: 
To ensure maximum elastic strength and durability for prolonged use, we suggest washing gently by hand in cold water and hanging to dry. Store in a cool, dry place away from direct heat or sunlight.