Thoughtful Design

Feel the Fytto Difference

Our socks, stockings and pantyhose feature carefully thought-out details for maximum comfort and durability:


Fytto Deep Heel Shape 
Deep Heel Cups
Well-defined heel cups for a more comfortable and secure fit


Fytto Wide Cuffing
Broad Cuffing 
Broad cuffing for slip prevention and unrestricted circulation, which doesn't leave unsightly skin marks


Fytto extra toe space
Unrestricted Toe Space
Compression-free toe area for prolonged comfort; several lines feature a 'balloon-toe' style for extra sensitive foot conditions


Fytto Streachable Fabric
4 Directional Stretch Fabric
Optimized ratio of Spandex to Nylon for fabrics which stretch comfortably in all directions


Anti Slip Sole
Anti-Slip Soles
Certain lines include an anti-slip finish to reduce excessive movement within footwear


Microfiber Series 
Microfiber blend for a finer, denser and more durable fabric