Are Compression Socks for Me?

People from all walks of life can benefit from wearing Compression socks as it helps with relieving stress and fatigue in the leg muscles. From working, working out, to traveling, Fytto compression socks will be with you every step of the way so that you can tackle daily challenges with ease and comfort.

1) For Professionals on their feet all day

These include Doctors, Nurses, Baristas, Retails Workers, Servers, Flight Attendants, the list goes on. Being on your feet for an extended period of time can cause soreness and distraction from your job. Standing on your feet all day can incur swollen feet, hurting shins and ankles, eventually leading to long-term issues. Wearing compression socks can prevent cramping and reduce shin splints so you can focus on getting your job done without experiencing discomfort in your legs.

2) For Moms-To-Be

Because of the increased weight during pregnancy, swelling and aching in the legs can often lead to high risk in the development of Deep Vein Thrombosis, known as DVT. This happens when the expanding uterus places a lot of pressure on blood vessels, restricting blood flow from the legs and pelvis back to the heart. The risk continues during the post-postpartum period until the woman’s hormonal levels return to their pre-pregnancy state. Clinical studies have shown that wearing graduated compression hosiery is the most effective way to prevent swelling feet, ankles, and varicose veins. For moms-to-be, compression hosiery is a must, your legs will thank you later!*

*compression pantyhose (1026/2026/2126)  cannot be worn during pregnancy

3) For Frequent Travelers

For frequent travelers who are going on long distances, constantly being up in the air comes with a major risk of blood clotting in your legs due to the reduction of circulation in your legs from sitting long periods of time. Symptoms include leg pain, heavy legs, and swollen feet and ankles. When remaining seated without moving for over 4 hours, the risk of DVT could be 4 times higher. In some cases, prolonged sitting can lead to the development of phlebitis and thrombosis (blood clot formation). To avoid being at risk of blood clots, a simple and comfortable way is to wear graduated compression stockings during your travels.

4) For Working Out  

Compression socks have become a must-have accessory in the running community. More and more people are using them to improve performance during workouts.  Putting on compression socks will help prevent fluid from accumulating, resulting in a more even distribution of blood flow in the legs. The idea behind compression garments is that they enable faster recovery by enhancing blood flow, this can be beneficial when it comes to treating injuries.

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